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Individual techniques and tactics

Individual techniques and tactics

Ball handing
First step, other steps
Basketball movement, stands
Individual tactics (SWOT analysis)
Correction and shooting improvement

Correction and shooting improvement

Improve shooting mechanics 
Correction of improper shooting mechanics
Shooting improvement
Specific type of shooting
Physical ability

Physical ability

Higher jumps
Basic physical preparation
Recovery after injury
Offense Skills

Offense Skills

Low post plays
Euro steps
Fake shooting, penetration
Special attacks

Live Channel !

Dear Guests, 

Here you can watch live training, gain knowledge and share the same!
We are trying to establih a permanent live chanel so that all of you can leave a comment or ask a question.
We will do our best to answer on all the qustions given.
We do apologize if if miss some.
If by any mean you like the live chanel you are free to donate, not obliged by any means...
Thanks for watching.


They are achieving their goals. You can achieve yours! Join us and be among the ones with success story !


BTC Basketball Training Center is a team of young coaches focused on individual workout in basketball.
Our goal is to develop and maximize each of the player basketball potentials (discovering hidden skills is a MUST !!!)
BTC Basketball Training Center - everything you need in one place !!!
Advantage of the BTC Training Center is that in one place with you are working many experts of basketball, fitness, athletichs, nutrition, psychology...
Many years of experience in basketball guarantee you professional relation, good workout and focus development.
Each player goes through individual scouting basketball technique, tactics, physical preparation and our SPECIAL TRAINING PROGRAMME.

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